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New Zealand Street Art

I’m not really into street art but I’ve always thought that it can be an interesting form of expression. I might not always get it all the time but some of these street arts look so good that I’m just amazed at the artists’ talents in bringing it out on different types of canvases. The […]

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The Hall Of Flowers

Inside the oyster of Mehrangarh is the pearl called Phool Mahal: the Hall of Flowers. Originally built in the mid 19-the century by Abhay Singh, the paintings that we see today come from the 19th century re-decoration carried out by Takhat Singh. I was blown away by the exquisite paintings and the colours of the […]

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Iceland In The Fall

In this travel guide, I’ll be detailing what you need to pack, where you need to visit and everything you should know about the culture and language when traveling to Iceland in the Fall. I recently got back from my trip, and I had an absolute blast! Reykjavik reminded me a bit of Alaska and […]

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Inauthentic — Jessica Kapusta

Inauthentic It always amazing to me, as a person who loves “real” things, how easily I slip into being inauthentic. I don’t do it in big ways generally, but the sum doesn’t change no matter how you add it up. In other words, it doesn’t matter if my actions are big or small if I’m […]

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Beauty Of The Rocks

Beauty of Art and Images for you On this page, I search for my readers the art, the beauty, the creativity, the impressionism …. where are, in our life —————————— The beauty of nature’s images (1a) BEAUTY OF THE ROCKS I was looking for you – my dear friends – images that bring together the […]

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