Sarah Childers is a mixed media artist out of Texas. She possesses an eclectic wellspring of inspiration and produces art that has a way of paying that inspiration forward.

She began working with ceramics in a class at Howard Payne University, where she graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing, while minoring in art. Originally from Louisiana, Sara’s family followed her father’s career in the energy sector, a life that gave her a breadth of experience and an intimate relationship with the notion that home is where the heart makes it. She met her husband at Howard Payne, and they made a full life for themselves in north-central Texas. The are now proud parents, accomplished business owners, and by all accounts highly valued members of their community. They treasure their roots and teach what that means to their children. Sara holds fond memories while making more as her family spends summers on the shores she grew familiar with in her youth.

She describes her affinity for working with clay, likening it to playing in the dirt as a kid, how creative one can be in such an untamed environment. Through training, work, and time she’s explored technique, she’s kept her own studio, she’s developed a familiarity with the craft that one does only with those things we do often and do well. She learned the art, has made the craft, and taught it to others.

Last summer Sarah began to paint. She was called to it in a way, as she had recently gone through a series of personal trauma’s and felt that art and her expression could help her find the clarity to move through it. Sara had lost both of her parents within weeks of each other the winter before. Life demands much of us, but it rarely demands more than when we deal with the death of a loved one. It’s inherently involved and complicating, mentally, physiologically, at times logistically, and often legally. A bewildering dance of letting go and holding on. Without question, the world as She knew it was no longer. She was shouldered with the additional responsibilities of taking care of her father’s affairs, on top of her own – while also working as a teacher and being a mother. As one can imagine the weight became burdensome, and right before school let out the next May she was encouraged by her friends and family to take a well needed step back. She did just that. She slept. She cooked. She wrote. She spent time with her children. She turned back to art, saying:

“I used and still use creative expression as an outlet for my grief. My background is in ceramics, however when I started moving forward to heal, I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore, and I really don’t know why. I know there has to be a medical term for that somewhere. So, my next choice was to paint. Which in itself was odd to me. I hated painting and drawing in college. It never interested me.”

She realized old approaches wouldn’t suffice, she needed a new method and she found it in painting. There was no turning back. She committed to her course and crossed her Rubicon; this novel medium guiding her to a new Rome.

She says “Being creative is something that is ingrained in me and a process I have always used in all parts of my life including my personal and professional life. It just so happens to be a trait I have held onto through grief. Even though it was expressed in a way that I never used before, it has still served as a lifeline for me and has helped me move forward. Making creativity a priority balances me in every way.”

“I finish my work for the day, then spend the rest of the afternoon just creating and singing along to everything from show tunes to heavy metal. I know I will keep growing as an artist until the day I die.”

“For the rest of you that are slowly clawing your way out of any depth of grief as well, just know that I am proud of you and you will live to fight another fight.”

Her art has since taken a new shape with an additional dimension. With perceptible inspiration this art is sure to stand out and spark conversation. She is currently represented and licensed through Chaos Art Company LLC. You can also follow her through her Face Book Page. Look for her upcoming art exhibit scheduled for the Spring of 2021.