Every morning, I have a routine. Part of that routine is updating social media profiles for different clients and with that, I have to look to see what is trending before making decisions.

I have to admit, it makes my skin crawl to see posts about how someone does not like to be around people or prefers to be alone. I don’t know that this is a good mindset to be in 100% of the time.

I get wanting space. I am partly an introvert and have been known to disappear for awhile to charge my batteries too. I also abhor going into a room of people with ulterior motives, so I will avoid that at all costs. I don’t care if there is free food. I will go without before I am intentionally around anything inauthentic.

But, I do want to bring to your attention as to how important it is to have a close knit group of true friends. True friendship that holds space for one another, if you will. These are the ones that you connect with and share a mutual trust with. The ones you break bread with and share life’s ups and downs with. Because I assure you, those ups and downs will happen. Just give it time.

Here is a piece I did for an upcoming exhibit. I called it “Tribe.”

You can have one or you can have many. My point is, you have to have them and that means you put in the effort as well. Been burned in the past? Alright. Know that the world is a very large place and you have many many options to choose from. Pick one and go with it. Know that everyone is not out to get you and you can make a life for yourself with meeting new people.

The ones you need do exist.

Put your self out there and you will find them. Trust me, you will need them.

Start by inviting someone for coffee or offering to bring them lunch.

Find someone that inspires you to do better.

You never know, they may be looking for you too and be as just as weird as you are.

Until Next Time…

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