At the prompting of friends and family, I am starting on a 12 month project that I am calling “Out Of The Rabbit Hole.”

My plan is to “journal” about different issues that have affected me over the years and include a few art pieces to go along with each entry.

Hopefully I can provide some sort of clarity for those of you that have experienced the same things I have.

I have nothing else eloquent for you except these words of my dearly departed friend, AKA:

October of a year since gone past …

Underneath some distant tombstone

Some overgrown patch of earth

Lay tales the soil will never tell

A life only the skeletons in the coffin can speak of

Graveyards hold them all

The only place where prejudice is put aside

Yet life is denied

For them all

I’m slowly working my way there

As are we all

Just bury me with my guitar

So I can play those cemetery breakdowns

Put some poker chips on my chest

‘Cause I’m goin’ to wake the graves

Make them play

And take them for all they are

Or all they are not

Death has a certain grandeur

Isn’t that what they say

God holds aside some great manor

I don’t figure he holds one for me

I picture heaven

And I picture you

The gates, the greats

And the oven below my feet

I try to lift up on high

But I’ve been destined since birth

Since my family line began

To stride along the wrong path

And die with those who stride alongside

Don’t stop at six feet

Dig it deep

Because you don’t want me coming back

taste the soil and toil,

aka sends …

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