Nicole Sullivan is an artist who works with oil and water-based paint to create her artwork in addition to making digital collages and videos complete with audio online through mixed media. Nicole grew up in an impoverished and abusive environment with mentally and physically disabled parents which ultimately lead to her being taken away from them before she turned 13. Thankfully, she turned to art during her dark times. Self-expression through visual aids was especially important when she was afraid her written words would be discovered and used against her.  She found solace in creating things and was amazed at how delightful smearing color on any surface was.

Today, she states that she “ knew the world was my canvas” in regards to how she saw her art during that time period.

Nowadays she believes that anything is considered art and that everything conveys a message! Her main goal is to not just understand the world around her, but help others to understand what is going on in the world as well as her perspective on things. Below is one of her digital pieces of art as well as two abstract paintings she has done on canvas. 

If you want to learn more about Nicole or her artwork feel free to give her a call at 575-571-3119. Additionally, she can be reached at or Feel free to follow her on Instagram at @thestarsandgod and @notactuallysignificant as well. Furthermore, she is on twitter under the handle @yourdeadfriend.

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